Secret Self-Confidence Killer (affects 99%)

What might be secretly hindering your self-confidence and your ability to go out and dominate your path everyday?

The Murray Mission with a DARK… ominous.. leading question for you today.

Before I answer that I want to introduce you to a pal of mine. He’s a philosopher and one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century.

It pains me that nobody has heard of him 😦

But he is going to become a lot more popular in the coming years. He wrote a book called The True Believer and has a lot of other incredible wisdom in his library of philosophical gifts.

His name is Eric Hoffer.

And Eric has one quote that really stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you:


“The problem with people is that they have faith in what they don’t have, and they don’t want what they do have


People only have 100% confidence in what they don’t have yet, everything they see celebrities with on TV. And this will obviously bring down your confidence. They ache and pain for these things so they can feel complete.

You have literally been trained by a media and marketing machine, to LOATHE what you do have, and put the utmost faith in what you don’t have yet. You can’t even control this desire; it’s been subconsciously planted inside you from a young age.

It doesn’t stop at the material things though. You’ve even been trained to loathe yourself and the characteristics you have, and to seek solutions for them.

Hold yourself in low esteem + Hold what you don’t have/aren’t in the highest esteem= Perfect formula for lowering confidence.

Now here’s where I’ll start to get some objections: “So your saying I shouldn’t want nice things or enjoy the luxuries of life? That doesn’t sound right.”

My response: There’s a key difference between wanting something and needing something. Wanting something vs. putting your faith and entrusting your happiness in things you don’t have yet. The conversation of want vs. need is a big one that I’ll go into another day though.

The point is you can certainly want nice things and strive to own them. I know I do. But they should be the whipped cream on top of your ice cream. Your mission/purpose is your ice cream. The nice luxuries are the whipped cream.

Your life is still good just as a bowl of ice cream. If you are doing what you love and are passionate about, then you’re going to live one hell of a life regardless. But the nice luxuries can be the cool whipped cream on top to make it even better.

Ignoring what you love to do in order to make more money would be like eating a shitty flavor of ice cream, and just adding more whipped cream on top.

It won’t taste very good unless the ice cream flavor is good, or you are doing what you would do on this Earth if there were no such thing as money.

So back to the main topic: Think about the things in your house right now. How many of them do you still want? How many will you want 3 or 5 years from now?

If you purchased them because someone else wanted them for you, then I can nearly assure you that you don’t want them now. The second you bought it, people stopped selling you on that thing. And now you’re just left with something you didn’t really want in the first place.

Conversely, how many things do you desire right now that you have the utmost faith in?


Would a vacation make you happier?

Would a new car make you happier?

Would a raise make you happier?

Would winning the lottery make you happier? (probably)


Train yourself to want what you already have. How would you go about that….? Think about it. It’s a tough one.

CHALLENGING QUESTIONS from The Murray Mission today. I can’t answer them for you right now, that’s something I do with private clients and involves some exercises. I just wanted to provoke some thought and make you aware.

I’ll end with a quote from the great Jim Rohn: “Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want”

Peace beast.



How to Flow with Nature


You joining us in kicking ass today?

I just reviewed a tiny little book known as The Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill.

While doing so I found one little gem that I had overlooked the first time I had read the book.

So I’ll just jump right in:

Word to the wise, don’t fvck with Mother Nature.

90 Years ago, Napoleon Hill dropped this splendiferous quote that has altered the way many people have lived ever since:


“Nature hates idleness in all of it’s forms”


Think about this for a second and digest it.

I’ll Wait.


Ok, let’s do this.


We are complacent when we become satisfied with our abilities and achievements.

We stop growing, we stop improving, and we stop challenging ourselves.

We become idle.

Now lets look at a couple examples of what happens in nature when we become idle.

When people exercise, often times they get to a point where they are satisfied with their progress. So they stop.

Then what happens? Does nature allow them to stay in the current shape they are in? No. They lose muscle, they lose endurance, they lose everything slowly when they stop progressing.

Nature hates idleness.

Another example. Any athletes know that when they take a break from the sport they play, they are not able to just pick up where they left off. It takes hard work to reaquire the skill and vision they once had for their sport.

Nature hates idleness.

Let’s look at how Napoleon Hill discovered this universal truth of nature:

“The word educate has its roots in the Latin word educo,
which means to develop FROM WITHIN; to educe; to draw out; to grow through the law of USE.

We only develop and improve when we USE our talents and gifts. That is the actual definition of education. Actually using what we have learned. So by this definition, many of the so called “educated” people are far from being educated.

So now I need you to make me a Murray Mission promise.

You will never become idle.

You will take actionable steps everyday to grow into the best version of yourself possible. You’re only here for short time on this Earth, don’t you want to see who you truly are at your best?

The best part is, we become exponentially happier as we grow. Haven’t you ever experienced this? Whether it was becoming fit or overcoming some obstacle after grinding to improve? The fact is people experience joy watching themselves grow. 

This is one of the reasons we are so naturally happy as children. We are making leaps of growth everyday without even doing much. Our problems begin when we stop physically and mentally growing rapidly like we did as kids. We need to find another source of growth. This is where your life’s purpose and passion come in.

So many people become miserable during retirement because they stop growing and pushing themselves at what they do. They become idle. And they don’t understand why they feel empty.

This is because they are fighting against Mother Nature, and she shows no mercy.

Find your passion and your gift, and pursue it until the day you die.



The Investment that Consistently Beats Wall Street

Gather around children, Uncle Murray has a story for you.

Oh the investment? We’ll get to that in a just a second.

Sit up straight, and I need laser eye contact from all of you. Good.

Everyone please step into the time machine with me, because we’re going back to the year 1778.

We’re looking at a fat, wrinkly old man with flowing gray hair and spectacles he was famous for wearing. That’s right, it’s good ol’ Benny Franklin.

One of the most BADASS people to ever walk this earth.

But anyway, he’s sitting at his kitchen table opening a letter. The letter is from the town of Franklin Massachusetts, named after Benjamin Franklin himself. The town very politely requested a donation from him to fund a bell for the church steeple.

Franklin had an amused look on his face, and calmly responded:

“Here enclosed is the money for the bell. However, may I suggest the money instead be used to purchase books for the people of Franklin, as I much prefer sense to sound

Beautiful words Ben. And with that, the first public library in the United States was born. It’s still right there in Franklin Massachusetts today.

So why am I telling you this story? Because Ben hit on the #1 investment you can ever make.


In yourself.


In your own sense.


People are far too willing to invest in anything but themselves. They buy nice cars, TV’s, boats.

(On black Friday, people literally save their money, wait outside for 24+ hours, so they can save money on a television that will only make them STUPIDER. It’s really sad to watch. The average American spends five hours a day watching television. Five fvcking hours. Are you kidding me? You have one chance to live this life and you’re going to spend it watching other people on a screen? Getting off topic, but I had to blow off some steam there.)

Tattoo this phrase into the back of your skull: “Everything gets better when you get better

When you improve as a person, you expand your opportunities and capabilities exponentially.

That means instead of buying expensive clothes or jewelry, buy a book. It’s a lot cheaper, it’s of more use to you, and the knowledge stays with you forever.

Go to conferences, find or even hire mentors if you have to. It’s well worth the small price. Self-investment always comes back to pay off and then some.

Not saying you shouldn’t indulge yourself in some nice things. I’m all for that. You’re successful? Buy that Porsche. You earned it. But nice things shouldn’t be your primary focus. Your personal growth should be what drives you, not external goods that can never fulfill you. Internal>external. Every time.

In whatever field you’re passionate about, there have been pioneers before you who have poured all their wisdom into these things called books. The most successful badass people to ever live on the Earth have given us their best advice and secrets on leading a fulfilling life. Don’t we have a few hours to see what they have to say?

I mean in the end it’s your call, whether you want to grow into the best version of yourself or not. I know I do.

The great Issac Newton once coined the phrase: “Stand on the shoulders of giants”

Piggy back off the advice that these all time greats have shared in their books. It’s the reason they wrote them. They want us to build on their life’s work. It’s made easy for us.

To get you started I want to share some of my favorite books I’ve read and highly recommend you read as well:

Biographies: Alexander The Great, Elon Musk, Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs

Success/Self-Development: Think and Grow Rich, Psycho Cybernetics, The Power of Now, No B.s. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

All of these books were life changing for me. Pick up any of these and it will immediately put you ahead of most people.

Take action on this boss,


The Automatic Success Mechanism

How’s your day going boss? Mine’s going quite splendidly thanks for asking.

Something has been bothering me though. I’m sensing a massive sea of mediocrity doing everything in their power to pull you into their clutches.

But you’re too damn beautiful and dominant to let that happen. You’re safe with me.

So what’s this mystical success mechanism I’m claiming exists? We’ll get to that in a second. You need a little introduction first. She’s shy. The truth is it can be a success mechanism or a failure mechanism depending upon how you use it. But anyhoo…

Today’s topic: Identity

One of the most powerful, driving forces in your mind is to be congruent to who you BELIEVE you are.

If you believe you are a low status person who doesn’t deserve to be happy, you will be congruent to that

If you believe you are a high status person who deserves abundance, then you will be congruent to that.

As a person, a major driving factor is the importance to fit into your social environment. This is because back in the day if we didn’t fit in with our tribe we would be banished, which certainly meant death. Evolution has trained us to fit in.

As a result we are constantly testing new identities. We are looking for our “lane” that we can fit into.


Once we choose a lane that fits, something called our Reticular Activation System (RAS) kicks in. Our RAS determines who you are, and looks to build a personality around that.(She’s saying hi, introduce yourself!)


After testing out different statuses and finding a lane that fits, our RAS will color in the lines and develop the mannerisms and habits that fit that lane.

For example, a beautiful woman may purposely look worse to avoid being called a slut or whore.

A successful businessman may subconsciously sabotage himself because he doesn’t want to make his other friends jealous.

Something shitty, such as bankruptcy, could happen to a high status person, and their RAS will make sure they get back to where they were (Think Elon Musk). Because in their mind they are a high status, successful person. However someone just drifting through life in a low status haze will always remain low status. Their RAS will make sure of it.

Often times success and fame will come to a person who thinks lowly of themselves, and their bodies just can’t handle it. They go fvcking insane, it’s nuts. They will self-sabotage and convince themselves that they don’t deserve this success.

The RAS sounds scary, and it definitely can be. But it can also be your greatest asset. So how can you take advantage of your RAS to bring success happiness into your life?

Step 1) Be brutally honest and become aware of your current identity. You need to understand where you are holding yourself back.

Step 2) Decide exactly who you want to become and what identity you want to manifest. You need to be SPECIFIC. Vagueness kills everything. “I want to be successful.” Well what does that entail? What skills does would this person need? What habits? What beliefs? Slowly begin building yourself up to fit this identity. It’s a process that takes months or years, but your RAS will fill in the gaps.

WARNING: Your mind gets its sense of reality from 2 places:

1) You determining your reality and identity from your own experiences.

2) Social Feedback from outside world. If everyone is jerking you off through life and telling you how amazing you are, that’s easy. You won’t have much trouble thinking highly of yourself. But when people get lots of negative feedback during a period of their life, often times they take on a negative identity because they think society is pressuring them to be a loser.

Realize your sense of identity is a result of your interpretation of your past environments and relationships. You need to be willing to move past that. Develop the skills and habits of the identity you want, and let your RAS fill in the rest.

BONUS WARNING: When your identity improves, you will knock the current social order out of hand. Everyone in your “group” will have to take on a different role now that your identity has changed. It’s fvcking crazy. Your friends will subconsciously try and pull you back down so that everyone can keep their old identities (Look up the crabs in a bucket metaphor to understand this).

This is why it’s so important to have quality friends that want to see everyone succeed.

Have a day boss, I’m out


How to Create more Opportunity

DUDE! You are glowing right now.

You look so damn dominant and powerful. Probably because you’ve been taking some serious action.

Or you’re just a cocky bastard. Probably both. I love it.

I’m glad you’re so upbeat and radiant right now. Because I’m sure as hell NOT.

Why not?

Because I would rather read the dictionary than endure what I just had to listen to again. I’ll save you the details. Some people just LOVE to complain.

Nothing is their fault. Everything that has happened to them prevents them from reaching success. If only they were taller… If only they were born to a wealthy family… If only they were luckier…


Worst phrase in the English language. Before I even get into todays lesson I want you to eliminate a certain word from your vocabulary: SUPPOSED

 One of the most poisonous words ever uttered.

“That’s not how it was supposed to be!!”



The universe doesn’t interpret events as good or bad. YOU do. If you interpret something as a setback, then it is. If you interpret something as an opportunity, then it is. Things merely happen to you. It’s your mind that chooses to interpret each event as negative or positive.


Quick story for you here:

50 Cent grew up in utter poverty. His father abandoned him, his mother was murdered. His only option was to learn how to hustle and sell drugs in the hood. And he became good at it. Actually, he became GREAT at it.

Eventually, he saved up enough money to experiment with his rapping career. He was talented enough to be signed by Columbia records and scheduled to release his first album in the Spring of 2000. At that point everything was looking up for him. He was about to escape the dismal hustling lifestyle and enter the rapping lifestyle filled with money, women, and fame.

In May of 2000 however, a hired assassin from his hustling life came up to his car and shot NINE bullets into him before fleeing. He was ONE millimeter away from being killed. His record was immediately cancelled and Fifty was dropped from his contract.

Pretty terrible right? Back to a life of hustling. Worst thing that could happen. Screwed.

Hahaha. That’s what mediocrity would say. Fvck that. 50 turned this event into a gimmick to make money.

After weeks of recovery, he hyped up the event and used it to his advantage. He was the badass who survived the assassination attempt. And he let everyone know.

He had a new unapologetic attitude to his rap, and people appreciated it. He had already felt rock bottom, so there was nothing he could lose. His next record was more popular than he ever could have dreamed, and he became a MULTI MILLIONARE.

How did 50 Cent Pull this off? HE ACCEPTED THAT WHICH IS.


Anything you resist accepting is a PROBLEM. You’re not accepting how things are. You are not accepting that which is. That is the definition of truth. Things didn’t go how they were “supposed to go”, in their Disney reality.


The minute you say FVCK IT, this is how it is. This is what has happened. You open yourself up to OPPORTUNITY.

 You hold yourself back when you worry about things outside your control. Worry about what you can control. It may not be how you thought it was going to happen, but this is what has happened.

Now you can focus on other important things while most people are worrying and wishing about things that should have happened to them. 50 Cent could have kept low and hidden after the shooting, but instead he used the “misfortune” to his advantage.

He accepted what happened to him and looked for ways to continue rapping despite the shooting. He chose to accept the shooting and look at the event as a positive for his career.

“Bad” things happen to everyone. It’s inevitable. Those who accept whatever happens and move forward accordingly succeed in life. Failures complain about their circumstances and waste time thinking about how things should have been.

That simple.

Let your trouble go. It happened. Can’t change it. CAN’T CHANGE IT. Repeat that in your head.

Do what you can from here on out and you will be one happy son of a bitch.

Take action on this knowledge. For real.

Outta here