How to Flow with Nature


You joining us in kicking ass today?

I just reviewed a tiny little book known as The Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill.

While doing so I found one little gem that I had overlooked the first time I had read the book.

So I’ll just jump right in:

Word to the wise, don’t fvck with Mother Nature.

90 Years ago, Napoleon Hill dropped this splendiferous quote that has altered the way many people have lived ever since:


“Nature hates idleness in all of it’s forms”


Think about this for a second and digest it.

I’ll Wait.


Ok, let’s do this.


We are complacent when we become satisfied with our abilities and achievements.

We stop growing, we stop improving, and we stop challenging ourselves.

We become idle.

Now lets look at a couple examples of what happens in nature when we become idle.

When people exercise, often times they get to a point where they are satisfied with their progress. So they stop.

Then what happens? Does nature allow them to stay in the current shape they are in? No. They lose muscle, they lose endurance, they lose everything slowly when they stop progressing.

Nature hates idleness.

Another example. Any athletes know that when they take a break from the sport they play, they are not able to just pick up where they left off. It takes hard work to reaquire the skill and vision they once had for their sport.

Nature hates idleness.

Let’s look at how Napoleon Hill discovered this universal truth of nature:

“The word educate has its roots in the Latin word educo,
which means to develop FROM WITHIN; to educe; to draw out; to grow through the law of USE.

We only develop and improve when we USE our talents and gifts. That is the actual definition of education. Actually using what we have learned. So by this definition, many of the so called “educated” people are far from being educated.

So now I need you to make me a Murray Mission promise.

You will never become idle.

You will take actionable steps everyday to grow into the best version of yourself possible. You’re only here for short time on this Earth, don’t you want to see who you truly are at your best?

The best part is, we become exponentially happier as we grow. Haven’t you ever experienced this? Whether it was becoming fit or overcoming some obstacle after grinding to improve? The fact is people experience joy watching themselves grow. 

This is one of the reasons we are so naturally happy as children. We are making leaps of growth everyday without even doing much. Our problems begin when we stop physically and mentally growing rapidly like we did as kids. We need to find another source of growth. This is where your life’s purpose and passion come in.

So many people become miserable during retirement because they stop growing and pushing themselves at what they do. They become idle. And they don’t understand why they feel empty.

This is because they are fighting against Mother Nature, and she shows no mercy.

Find your passion and your gift, and pursue it until the day you die.