The Automatic Success Mechanism

How’s your day going boss? Mine’s going quite splendidly thanks for asking.

Something has been bothering me though. I’m sensing a massive sea of mediocrity doing everything in their power to pull you into their clutches.

But you’re too damn beautiful and dominant to let that happen. You’re safe with me.

So what’s this mystical success mechanism I’m claiming exists? We’ll get to that in a second. You need a little introduction first. She’s shy. The truth is it can be a success mechanism or a failure mechanism depending upon how you use it. But anyhoo…

Today’s topic: Identity

One of the most powerful, driving forces in your mind is to be congruent to who you BELIEVE you are.

If you believe you are a low status person who doesn’t deserve to be happy, you will be congruent to that

If you believe you are a high status person who deserves abundance, then you will be congruent to that.

As a person, a major driving factor is the importance to fit into your social environment. This is because back in the day if we didn’t fit in with our tribe we would be banished, which certainly meant death. Evolution has trained us to fit in.

As a result we are constantly testing new identities. We are looking for our “lane” that we can fit into.


Once we choose a lane that fits, something called our Reticular Activation System (RAS) kicks in. Our RAS determines who you are, and looks to build a personality around that.(She’s saying hi, introduce yourself!)


After testing out different statuses and finding a lane that fits, our RAS will color in the lines and develop the mannerisms and habits that fit that lane.

For example, a beautiful woman may purposely look worse to avoid being called a slut or whore.

A successful businessman may subconsciously sabotage himself because he doesn’t want to make his other friends jealous.

Something shitty, such as bankruptcy, could happen to a high status person, and their RAS will make sure they get back to where they were (Think Elon Musk). Because in their mind they are a high status, successful person. However someone just drifting through life in a low status haze will always remain low status. Their RAS will make sure of it.

Often times success and fame will come to a person who thinks lowly of themselves, and their bodies just can’t handle it. They go fvcking insane, it’s nuts. They will self-sabotage and convince themselves that they don’t deserve this success.

The RAS sounds scary, and it definitely can be. But it can also be your greatest asset. So how can you take advantage of your RAS to bring success happiness into your life?

Step 1) Be brutally honest and become aware of your current identity. You need to understand where you are holding yourself back.

Step 2) Decide exactly who you want to become and what identity you want to manifest. You need to be SPECIFIC. Vagueness kills everything. “I want to be successful.” Well what does that entail? What skills does would this person need? What habits? What beliefs? Slowly begin building yourself up to fit this identity. It’s a process that takes months or years, but your RAS will fill in the gaps.

WARNING: Your mind gets its sense of reality from 2 places:

1) You determining your reality and identity from your own experiences.

2) Social Feedback from outside world. If everyone is jerking you off through life and telling you how amazing you are, that’s easy. You won’t have much trouble thinking highly of yourself. But when people get lots of negative feedback during a period of their life, often times they take on a negative identity because they think society is pressuring them to be a loser.

Realize your sense of identity is a result of your interpretation of your past environments and relationships. You need to be willing to move past that. Develop the skills and habits of the identity you want, and let your RAS fill in the rest.

BONUS WARNING: When your identity improves, you will knock the current social order out of hand. Everyone in your “group” will have to take on a different role now that your identity has changed. It’s fvcking crazy. Your friends will subconsciously try and pull you back down so that everyone can keep their old identities (Look up the crabs in a bucket metaphor to understand this).

This is why it’s so important to have quality friends that want to see everyone succeed.

Have a day boss, I’m out



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