How to Create more Opportunity

DUDE! You are glowing right now.

You look so damn dominant and powerful. Probably because you’ve been taking some serious action.

Or you’re just a cocky bastard. Probably both. I love it.

I’m glad you’re so upbeat and radiant right now. Because I’m sure as hell NOT.

Why not?

Because I would rather read the dictionary than endure what I just had to listen to again. I’ll save you the details. Some people just LOVE to complain.

Nothing is their fault. Everything that has happened to them prevents them from reaching success. If only they were taller… If only they were born to a wealthy family… If only they were luckier…


Worst phrase in the English language. Before I even get into todays lesson I want you to eliminate a certain word from your vocabulary: SUPPOSED

 One of the most poisonous words ever uttered.

“That’s not how it was supposed to be!!”



The universe doesn’t interpret events as good or bad. YOU do. If you interpret something as a setback, then it is. If you interpret something as an opportunity, then it is. Things merely happen to you. It’s your mind that chooses to interpret each event as negative or positive.


Quick story for you here:

50 Cent grew up in utter poverty. His father abandoned him, his mother was murdered. His only option was to learn how to hustle and sell drugs in the hood. And he became good at it. Actually, he became GREAT at it.

Eventually, he saved up enough money to experiment with his rapping career. He was talented enough to be signed by Columbia records and scheduled to release his first album in the Spring of 2000. At that point everything was looking up for him. He was about to escape the dismal hustling lifestyle and enter the rapping lifestyle filled with money, women, and fame.

In May of 2000 however, a hired assassin from his hustling life came up to his car and shot NINE bullets into him before fleeing. He was ONE millimeter away from being killed. His record was immediately cancelled and Fifty was dropped from his contract.

Pretty terrible right? Back to a life of hustling. Worst thing that could happen. Screwed.

Hahaha. That’s what mediocrity would say. Fvck that. 50 turned this event into a gimmick to make money.

After weeks of recovery, he hyped up the event and used it to his advantage. He was the badass who survived the assassination attempt. And he let everyone know.

He had a new unapologetic attitude to his rap, and people appreciated it. He had already felt rock bottom, so there was nothing he could lose. His next record was more popular than he ever could have dreamed, and he became a MULTI MILLIONARE.

How did 50 Cent Pull this off? HE ACCEPTED THAT WHICH IS.


Anything you resist accepting is a PROBLEM. You’re not accepting how things are. You are not accepting that which is. That is the definition of truth. Things didn’t go how they were “supposed to go”, in their Disney reality.


The minute you say FVCK IT, this is how it is. This is what has happened. You open yourself up to OPPORTUNITY.

 You hold yourself back when you worry about things outside your control. Worry about what you can control. It may not be how you thought it was going to happen, but this is what has happened.

Now you can focus on other important things while most people are worrying and wishing about things that should have happened to them. 50 Cent could have kept low and hidden after the shooting, but instead he used the “misfortune” to his advantage.

He accepted what happened to him and looked for ways to continue rapping despite the shooting. He chose to accept the shooting and look at the event as a positive for his career.

“Bad” things happen to everyone. It’s inevitable. Those who accept whatever happens and move forward accordingly succeed in life. Failures complain about their circumstances and waste time thinking about how things should have been.

That simple.

Let your trouble go. It happened. Can’t change it. CAN’T CHANGE IT. Repeat that in your head.

Do what you can from here on out and you will be one happy son of a bitch.

Take action on this knowledge. For real.

Outta here